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Corsair is the first full expansion for Privateer.

The Corsair Expansion is focused on increasing competitiveness within those playing Privateer. Exert your authority by blockading ports, placing a tariff on certain goods, or by placing a bounty on the head of another player. Recruit powerful officers to your crew which can aid your ship in multiple, unique ways. This expansion also includes a full overhaul of Privateer's combat mechanics. The new combat system is now much deeper and allows for players to gang up on more powerful players in order to sink their ship via overwhelming odds. Included in this expansion are over 44 new cards and 10 total dice, a sizable addition to the core game.


Jean Fleury Privateer

New Bounty Cards

Two new Bounty Card types are introduced in the Corsair Expansion: Mandates and Officers.

Mandates: These cards allow players to add a persistent effect to the game. These effects stay in play until they are removed by a Port Authority card (below.) Any player, port, or good may only have one Mandate affecting it at any one time.

  • 4 Condemn: Condemn another player. Whenever this player is plundered by any other player, you may receive 10 silver. Any player that plunders this player may receive 5 silver.
  • 4 Blockade: Place a Blockade on a port. Receive 1 silver whenever another player sells any cargo there. (If a player sells 4 Rum and 1 Cinnamon in a Blockaded port, the player who played the Blockade would receive 5 silver.)
  • 4 Tariff: Place a Tariff on a good. Receive 1 silver whenever another player sells this good. (If a player sells 4 Rum and 1 Cinnamon in any port, and Rum has a Tariff placed on it, the player who played the Tariff would receive 4 silver.)

Officers: These cards play identically to Relics, with the only exception being that you may only have a single officer of each type in play at any given time (a player can only have one Navigator, for example. That same player could have a Navigator and a Boatswain, however.) If a player draws an Officer of a type they already control, that Officer is immediately put up for auction via blind bid for the other players. The amount spent to purchase the Officer goes to the player who drew the card, not the bank.

Note: any player may choose not to accept an Officer into their service and put that Officer up for auction instead.

Here are the officers included within the Corsair Expansion:

  • 3 Navigator: Increase Sails track by 2
  • 3 Boatswain: Increase Crew track by 2
  • 3 Cannoneer: Increase Cannons track by 2
  • 3 Quartermaster: Increase Hold track by 2

Fortunes: These cards are the same card type as the Fortune Cards in the Core game.

  • 5 Commandeer: [Replaces Cutpurse in the Bounty Cards deck] Steal a Relic or Officer from another player.
  • 5 Treasure Trove: [Replaces Black Market in the Bounty Cards deck] All players receive 1 silver for each point of Crew, then draw a card for each player. Players blind bid on all Officers and Relics drawn this way, then shuffle in all other drawn cards.
  • 6 Port Authority: Remove any current Mandate and replace with your own Mandate of the same type. (If you remove a Blockade, you may place a new Blockade on any port without a Blockade, for instance.)

New Captains

In addition to the new Bounty Cards, four new Captains are included in the Corsair Expansion. These captains have abilities that utilize the new mechanics present in the Corsair Expansion, so they should not be played in a Core game.