Below are the different Fortune cards created by the Kickstarter community. These submissions are currently being voted upon, with the community's favorite idea will be added to the final game. Voting will end on 4/19.

Fortune Card Submissions

Fortune by Robin Lees

Flip a Doubloon. If it lands Heads, every player gets a Cargo card of their choice. If it lands Tails, the player who played the card gets two Cargo cards of their choice, OR 1 bounty card.

Black Spot by Nackle

Which is your favorite Kickstarter community created Fortune?

The player who draws this card shuffles the remaining Captains in the Captains deck and draws one at random. They look at it and then decide between 3 options: The player may change their own captain for the new one, they may change an opponent’s captain for the new one, or they may discard the new captain card back into the discard captain pile. Starting stats are adjusted as necessary.

Marie Celeste by ToneDeaf 

You find an abandoned ship in this space. It's hold contains 1d6 random goods which you may take. Any goods that do not fit in your Hold are left on this space for the next lucky captain to find.

Lost Map of Isla Escondita by Jack R

Draw a port card. Trade goods immediately and discard the port card.

Merchant Vulnerability by Jacob Coon

When fighting a merchant ship you discover their weakness and lower that ships power tier by 1 for that fight only.

Game of Chance by Ray Bonilla

Roll a color die. Gain an upgrade of the corresponding color or gain 5 silver on a [pink]/[purple]. Any other player may pay you 2 silver to roll the die as well. If they roll the same color as you, however, you gain their reward instead. If no one is willing to gamble with you or if you win all rewards, gain an Infamy for every 3 Crew you have.

Winged Scarab by Vaanguard

You cannot be attacked until your next turn. Move an extra number of spaces equal to your Crew score.

Limey Sea Dogs by S

Your crew recovers from the scurvy by eating a barrel of limes. Moral is boosted. This turn, sails and cannons are increased by 1 for each point of Crew the drawing player has.

Voodoo Doll by Zombieversteher

Choose a player and control his/her ship movement this turn.

Bermuda Triangle by Technetium

Shuffle all visible port cards except one of your choice. When done, distribute them blindly to the ports that currently don't have a card.

Bermuda Triangle 2 by Techetium

Immediately get to a port of your choice and execute your activities. Instead of only your port, all ports get new port cards.

Shipwreck Encounter by Yorick

Either buy up to two crew upgrades for half price, or fill hold with up to three goods of your choice.

Assassination by Yorick

Target player removes his or her captain from the game, draws two new ones and chooses one to keep. Adjust ship upgrades accordingly.

Spyglass by Paul Clark

Combat dice can be rerolled this turn.

Friendly Faces by Paul Clark

May revisit last port of call this turn.

Spyglass 2 By Paul Clark

May preview the next 2 Bounty Cards.

False Flag by Paul Clark

You may automatically plunder any Merchant Ship encountered this turn.

Crack Shot by Paul Clark

+3 to combat rolls this turn.

No Quarter by Paul Clark

You may immediately battle a Merchant Ship without entering a Merchant Ship space. Receive +2 to combat rolls in this battle.

Mermaid's Kiss by Paul Clark

Turn in all silver coins for gold coins.

Moonraker by Paul Clark

Move an extra 2 spaces this turn.

Silvertongued Devil by Paul Clark

Sell goods for double this turn.

Carpenters by Paul Clark

Receive one free upgrade.

Avast by Paul Clark

A chosen player skips their next turn.

Trade Winds by Steve Cohn

Move 2 extra spaces and sell goods for an additional 1 silver each this turn.

Target Practice by Steve Cohn

Discard one good and choose another player to roll the red combat dice. You roll one die and add your crew. If your total is higher than their roll, gain a free upgrade to your Cannons track.

Share the Wealth by Steve Cohn

This turn you may discard a good to boost each of your tracks by 1 until end of turn.

Hero's Welcome by Steve Cohn

You may immediately return to your Home Port and sell all goods for an extra 2s each.