Privateer: Shipyard Edition now Available

What is The Shipyard?

The Shipyard is where all of Privateer's pre-order news and planning takes place. Privateer recently finished a very successful campaign on Kickstarter, where it was able to raise $70,842 to fund its initial production run.

Privateer is currently scheduled to release in July of 2014, but pre-orders are still being accepted within our store. The pre-order version (or Shipyard Edition) of Privateer is different than the retail version which will go on sale in July 2014.

The Shipyard Edition contains the following items:

  • One copy of Privateer
  • One copy of Sisters of The Sea
  • One copy of Tales of the Tide
  • One copy of Plunge into Peril
  • Free shipping to the majority of the world (read here for availability)

The Shipyard Edition has limited availability, and will no longer be available for purchase after May 30th, 2014.

Additionally, all purchases made in the store while The Shipyard event is in effect will contribute to the unlocking of additional Stretch Goals. Get more details by visiting The Shipyard page.