Our First Cargo Ship has Docked in the Outback!

Hi all! Thank you everyone for being patient as our games have been on the ocean. I received some great news from our fulfillment center in Australia - they have our games for our Australian and New Zealand backers! They are currently looking through our shipping list and picking/packing the orders. I will let you all know when they are shipping out and I'll ask if they give out tracking numbers too. We are using Aetherworks! (Please try to avoid contacting them directly if you have any questions. They have enough to do! Send me your comments/questions and I will relay any urgent messages to them.) :) Yay!

Status of our other shipments:

- Air shipments from Panda: Everyone seems to have gotten their games except for 3 individuals who I'm awaiting important CPF numbers for! If you see this and you are from Asia or South America, please check your messages.

- USA/Canada (Ship: APL Mexico City) - Still on the ocean! 

- EU (Ship: CSCL GLOBE 0017W) - Looks like it's still on the ocean but close to the destination port in Denmark!

- AUS: Games are with fulfillment center being organized for shipment :)