Full Index of Game Contents Available

Hi all! 

A full itemized list of every card/piece can be accessed right here on our website: http://ensigniagames.com/full-game-contents

(It looks like a boring page right now, but I will add in some photos and images gradually :))

We've included the contents for the Privateer Base Game, Kickstarter Exclusive Cards, Tales of the Tide Stretch Goal Cards, and Corsair Expansion contents.

Privateer Base Game Box includes: Base Game contents, Kickstarter Exclusive Cards, and Tales of the Tide Stretch Goal Cards.

Privateer Base + Corsair Expansion Box includes: All of the above, plus the Corsair Expansion contents (basically everything on the index page!)

*Remember you can distinguish between each expansion/specialty card by the symbol on the top left corner of most cards. Corsair = red swords, Tales of the Tide = blue cloud, Kickstarter = KS logo. (images will be added soon!)



There are two errors in boxing that we would like to address that we reflected in the index page:

1. Both the Base and Base+Expansion boxes will have 1 colored dice, 6 red dice, and 6 white dice. Originally, only the Corsair expansion should have had the large number of dice, but now everyone does. Better than none, I suppose! The base game shouldn't need to utilize all the dice.

2. The upgraded Monster Ship Cards (Sea Serpent, Leviathan, Kraken) that have the two symbols on them (Tales of the Tide + Corsair) Should have only been in the Corsair Expansion. They are grouped with Tales of the Tide. You will only need to use them if you play with the Expansion.


Mini Shipping Update

USA will be shipping by the end of the week or early next week! Our fulfillment center currently has a couple of clients in front of us which is the cause for the slight delay. I'm happy to say that you will get your games before Christmas <3 Thank you all for your patience!

We're not done yet! Art books will be sent out digitally and physically by the beginning of next year. We put the shipping of the games as our first priority, but we're making these art books great. Thank you for your patience on this as well. 


As always, please message me or email me at melissa@ensigniagames.com for any questions or concerns!