Our First Cargo Ship has Docked in the Outback!

Hi all! Thank you everyone for being patient as our games have been on the ocean. I received some great news from our fulfillment center in Australia - they have our games for our Australian and New Zealand backers! They are currently looking through our shipping list and picking/packing the orders. I will let you all know when they are shipping out and I'll ask if they give out tracking numbers too. We are using Aetherworks! (Please try to avoid contacting them directly if you have any questions. They have enough to do! Send me your comments/questions and I will relay any urgent messages to them.) :) Yay!

Status of our other shipments:

- Air shipments from Panda: Everyone seems to have gotten their games except for 3 individuals who I'm awaiting important CPF numbers for! If you see this and you are from Asia or South America, please check your messages.

- USA/Canada (Ship: APL Mexico City) - Still on the ocean! 

- EU (Ship: CSCL GLOBE 0017W) - Looks like it's still on the ocean but close to the destination port in Denmark!

- AUS: Games are with fulfillment center being organized for shipment :)

Tales of the Tide now available for testing!

The Privateer Playtest is going amazingly well! We would like to think everyone who has chosen to participate.

There are a few updates to Privateer that are going live today. They are as follows:

Playtest Material Updates


Tales of the Tide

  • Tales of the Tide can now be added to your expand your playtest experience, if you wish.


Rule Changes


Changes to the Base Game

Based on your feedback, we have made some changes to the base game, mainly in the way text was written in the rulebook, but we made some additions and changes to cards, as well. Rest assured, we have confirmed that these changes will not affect  our delivery date for the final version, as we are not adding any major content but rather changing rule text. Here are the updates:


  •  Henry Every has had his ability changed. He is now required to have a higher Crew total in order to swap Relics with another player. This change was made because of his ability to steal all Map Fragments if he had a large enough cache of Relics to trade. Other players had no defense against this ability.
  • Ned Low now must be in the same port as another player to steal their Relics. Similar to Henry Every, there was no defense against his ability before. Now players may actively avoid him on the map. Note that if multiple players are in a port when Ned Low enters he can only steal a Relic from one of them.

Bounty Cards

  •  Black Market has been added. This card is very similar to the old Treasure Trove (see below), but Relics are stolen from other players rather than drawn from the deck. This keeps the Bounty Card deck in the base game from becoming overdrawn as well as allowing players another option to steal relics from other players. Note that this card gives a small amount of silver to all players when drawn, but in order to perform optimally during a Black Market players will have to have saved some silver from their last haul at a port.
  • Treasure Trove has been completely changed. Now Treasure Trove will give silver to the drawing player. The amount of silver gained is equal to double the difference between the drawing player’s Infamy and the Infamy of the leading player. Thus, if a player in last place with an Infamy of 4 drew Treasure Trove and the player in first had 10 Infamy, the drawing player would receive 12 silver. If the leading player draws the card it does nothing for them, resulting in a dead draw and further equalizing the playing field
  • Game of Chance: All players roll the die and add their crew. The player who drew the card gets a free upgrade for each player who rolls lower than them. Each player who rolls higher than the drawing payer receives a free upgrade themselves. Ties result in no upgrade for either party.
  • Monkey Paw: This is a Relic you do not want to control (unless you want to be in a lower tier in order to easily defeat Merchant Ships.) This Relic lowers your Infamy, yet it may be passed to other players by battling them or sharing a Port with them. Note that this Relic may only be passed if you end your turn in a Port with another player (no tag backs!)

Ship Cards

We are changing each Merchant Ship so that they no longer give maximum plunder to each player, but instead have a set amount of cargo (which increases with Merchant Ship strength.) This number of Cargo is denoted by the scale symbol. It is now important to move into the higher tiers in order to maximize your haul from Merchant Ships, but the ships retain their increased combat ability. If you are not in the higher tiers it will be necessary to supplement your plunder with purchased goods in order to fill your hold.
The advantages to buying goods still remain, as well. Mostly the control of which goods you receive. A bargain is still a bargain, especially if you buy cinnamon for 1 silver in La Habana and sell each of the for 5 silver in Tortuga. Plundering players receive random loot, which could be of low value based on current prices.

Miscellaneous Rule Changes

  • Players may now sell any of their upgrades for half price while in a Port. This will allow players to reduce their Infamy if they are having difficulty defeating Merchant Ships or to receive some quick cash if they need to purchase some goods.
  • Small player variant. If you are testing with less than 6 players, you may wish to employ this variant: Do not assign Port Cards to ports that do not match a player's ship color. For instance, if you only have 3 players and their Home Ports are Catalina, Cartagena, and La Habana, do not give Port Cards to the other 3 ports for the entirety of the game. Eliminate ports from right to left, starting with San Juan. Privateer, of course, plays best with more players but Seven Seas is being developed to further expand upon small player games.



If you haven't joined the playtest yet and you want to join, click here. The playtest will only allow sign-ups for one more week, at which point the playtest will become closed to new participants.