The Plunge into Peril mini expansion adds the following elements to Privateer:

2 New Bounty Card Types

Storm Cards

  • Hurricane: All other players are immediately moved at their full movement in the direction of the prevailing winds. Any impassable square stops this movement. Note that any players arriving at the same square must roll the die and add their Crew scores, with the losing player being sent to their last visited Port. Ports are treated as impassable and may not be entered during a Hurricane.
  • Dead Winds: Remove the Wind token from the compass. Until a Favorable Winds card is drawn, all movement is slowed to half speed except for the player who draws Dead Winds.

Misery Cards

  • Maroon: Choose another player. You and that player each roll the die and add your Crew scores. If you roll the higher total, the other player must return to their last Port and you may steal one upgrade. If you lose, you must return to your last Port and they may steal one upgrade.
  • Scurvy: All other players must roll the die and add their Crew score. The lowest player must lose one upgrade to their highest track.

3 New Relics

  • Weather Glass: During a Hurricane you may choose to move your ship any direction at double speed. Gain 1 Infamy.
  • Sextant: When leaving a Port you may move an additional 2 spaces.
  • Harpsichord: You may not lose Upgrades. Gain 1 Infamy.