Privateer RULES FAQ

This page exists to give rules clarifications and how to incorporate expansions and variant rules within your games to maximize your enjoyment.

Captain specific rules

Do you have a question on how the rules apply to a specific Captain and their special ability? Not sure if you are playing a Captain as intended? Check out the Captain FAQ for information on the intended rulings for all Captains in Privateer.

bounty card specific rules

Are you not sure if you are playing a specific Bounty Card correctly? Check out the Bounty Card FAQ to read up on all of the assorted Bounty Cards in Privateer to ensure you are playing the game as intended.

expansions and variants

Have you collected a lot of various expansion pieces to Privateer and you are feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start? Check out the Expansions and Variants FAQ for tips and suggestions for new players and pros alike so that you can make each game new and excitiing for all players.