The Tales of the Tide expansion adds the following elements to Privateer:

2 New Bounty Card Types

  • Monsters: These fearsome denizens of the deep seas are fearsome opponents. A player who draws a Monster card must battle with the beast or have their ship destroyed. Each Monster has a different combat strength (and specialized stats for those playing the Corsair Expansion) that must be overcome. Any player who successfully defeats a Monster may keep its remains as a token of their prowess, gaining a large boost to their Infamy for the remainder of the game. Note that this Infamy cannot be stolen, unlike Relics. Krakens, Leviathons, and more await those adventurous enough to sail into these uncharted currents.
  • Curses: Players drawing a Curse card may choose to apply a crippling effect to another player that lasts for the remainder of the game. Curses often serve as a 'leeching effect', which means that they lower the ability of the target while empowering the player who played the Curse. An example would be a Curse played upon an opponent controls that causes them to lose 1 upgrade to their Sails track, while increasing your own Sails by 1 upgrade.

2 New Captains

  • These new captains are designed to maximize their power through the newly added Bounty Card types.As such, they should only be played during a game of Privateer that utilizes the Tales of the Tide mini-expansion in its entirety.

  • Davy Jones: May battle any Monster that defeats another player. Gain double Infamy for each Monster defeated.
  • Calypso: Immune to Curses. May gain a free Upgrade whenever another player plays a Curse.